Wisconsin cheese can't be bought from an older store in Wisconsin.

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  1. 2 year old Block Swiss

    2 year old Block Swiss

    Block Swiss just keeps getting sharper the older it gets.
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  2. 3 year old Swiss

    3 Year Old Block Swiss

    The sharpest Swiss we have.
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  3. Apple Jack Cheese

    Apple Jack

    Mild and Creamy with just a little bite.
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  4. Full Cream Baby Swiss

    Full Cream Baby Swiss

    The best Baby Swiss cheese we could find.
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  5. Gruyere Cheese


    The classic fondue cheese.
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  6. Wheel Swiss

    Local Wheel Swiss Cheese

    The only 200 pound Wheel Swiss made in America.
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  7. Mild Swiss

    Mild Swiss

    The same swiss we serve on our cheese sandwiches.
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  8. Raclette


    Swiss melting cheese.
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  9. Smoked Baby Swiss

    Smoked Baby Swiss

    Our Baby Swiss Smoked to perfection.
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  10. Sweet Swiss

    Sweet Swiss

    One pound of raw milk Sweet Swiss.
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